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Today approximately three quarters of men and women who wear rings are wearing rings that simply do not fit them properly.  The reasons for this is simple.  All finger shapes are different and over time they change.  These factors are what lead people to lose rings or simply not wear them.

Every year companies spend millions wrestling with sizing issues in the class or recognition ring industry.  In fact, 80% of all players who have played in the Super Bowl can no longer wear their rings due to sizing issues.


There are many option on the market today to choose from when repairing or replacing the shank of an existing ring.






Flip Guard


Finger Fit


Forever Fit


Sizing Beads


The Better Half


• Durability

• Security

• Comfort

• Prevents turning

• Can be customized to finger shape

• Can be sized after application as a

   traditional round ring

• Diamonds or Gemstones can be applied

• Affordable


Before & After


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