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The Ring, Reinvented.

Keeping stones where they belong: Front and Center.






Rethink the ring.  

For years and years, the jewelry industry has been doing the same thing over and over. Going round and round in circles. To break the boredom and deliver a better fit, we came up with an innovative new design.

Introducing Kohl Style Rings.

Round on the outside. Not so round on the inside. The interior sizing features (humps) reduce spin and keep your stones right where they belong: front and center.

One of a kind.

And we have the patents to prove it. Years in the making, this patented collection is the perfect blend of innovation, style and comfort. What makes this system so compelling is the simplicity with which it addresses comfort, security, finger size fluctuation and ring turn by altering the inside contour of the ring. In essence, we have achieved the perfect balance between form and function.

Tom Kohl Style Rings
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“Sometimes the inside proportions are as important as the outside.”

Size Matters.

That said, sizing can be done the same methods as a round ring. A traditional mandrel will indicate or show a Kohl Style Ring 1/2 to 3/4 smaller on the mandrel due to the inside contour of the ring, i.e. if the ring shows size 6.0 on the mandrel the finger size will be 6.5 to 7.0 due to the function of the ring tolerance.